Use your chat as customer service

Always give personalized answers to frequently asked questions

Gather leads in your CMS & Google Sheets

All points of contact are segmented in your system

Home buyers can search by location and price range

Users enter their preferences and get tailor-made offerings

Perfect for "canned" answers

Send information via email, chat, SMS or WhatsApp

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Display for Window-Shoppers

Whenever an interested windowshopper scans a QR code in your property listings, they will receive all necessary information. And better yet: (s)he is now an active subscriber in your database, ready to receive any information you have to transform them from window-shopper to actual customer.

Additional Object Information

This is especially helpful in busy areas. A QR code on the For Sale sign in your seller's garden will enable Potential Buyers to scan, watch and schedule an appointment immediately!

Acquire Open-House attendees by Utilizing Offline Media Ads

Get the most out of your traditional media ads. This expensive form of advertising is an exceptionally good way to Start a Conversation with people who normally just fly by your ad.

Detailed Information and Availability about New Construction projects

Messenger Marketing lends itself well to New Construction Projects. A potentially interested one can ask questions immediately, get a brochure sent and possibly receive up-to-date availability. Automatically!

Experience Convenience
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Use our Many Templates and DFY Lead Forms
Customize them however you want.

perspective phone
  • I'm using MLS Type Feeds

    reChatPro is something completely different. We offer a Messenger Marketing Tool with advanced options. We can even integrate your Feed!

  • What options do you offer?

    reChatPro allows you to store your (potential) customer information in all conceivable applications, such as your CMS, Google Sheets and Email Service Providers such as Mailchimp.

  • Is it a Chatbot?

    reChatPro works with manychat's platform, a Messenger Marketing platform that allows advanced chatbot structures to be created"

  • What are the costs?

    The costs for our system can be found at the bottom of this page. The costs for ManyChat can be found on this page. A ManyChat Pro Account is required al Su chooses our Plus or Pro package.

  • Are there any additional options?

    A chat system offers many options. For example: Customer service, buyer qualification, sales of ancillary activities such as insurances, valuations, etc.

  • Is it something for us?

    If you sell or rent out homes, manage real estate, develop new construction projects, or operate in the housing market in any way: then we are perfectly suited for you!

  • 1
    Create an Account

    Register with us and at ManyChat

  • 2
    Enter your user preferences

    Enter your details, such as phone number, logo, URL and name of your business or Agency. We show this information in-chat with your listing!

  • 3
    Install any, or all of our Templates

    On the left side of the Dashboard menu, click the Template button and install the one you need from the list on the Templates page.

  • 4
    Add new objects to your list or attach your feed

    You can add your homes via our simple form. Once a property is added, it is also directly visible in the Chatbot Listing Gallery! Do you have a feed available with your listings? Contact us and we will make a connection with it for you!

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  • 6 Months Objects Retention
  • Featured in our own Chat marketing
  • Present Your Business In-Chat
  • Wordpress Plugin
  • 1 ManyChat Pro Account (1 month FREE)
  • QR Code for Start of Chat
  • Website Chat Implementation
  • Google Sheets Integration
  • MailChimp Integration
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp (2020)
  • Realtors Chat Template
  • Zillow Add-On
  • Amortization Add-On
  • Pre-build Webview Leadforms
  • Personal Support
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